Gilead Redux

OMG, that second ep of new season of Handmaid’s Tale. I was sobbing. Hard. And it kept me awake for hours trying to untangle it all.

No spoilers, but the ease at which rights for marginalised groups, which have taken decades to gain, get rolled up so easily by a determined opposition.

Especially when, in the real world, we have incels raising their ugly heads out of the sewers again. Especially when Mike Pence is the poster boy for First President of Gilead. Especially when the media is, in our current reality, demonised as fake news.

Twin Peaks did my head in last year by questioning the very nature of reality. Handmaid’s Tale is scarier. Just a few tweaks (and a sterility crisis) away from our current world. And only two of thirteen eps in.

Devastating. All the trigger warnings. But oh so necessary though 😭😭😭

Gilead Redux

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