Royal commission

When last I was job searching, I almost, almost went into the banking sector, before deciding to stick with somewhere I’d already spent seven years at in Brisbane.

Almost going with the challenge of something new, somewhere to learn, somewhere I had no doubt I’d be good in. Not one of the Big Four though. In hindsight, having a breakdown just a few months after the job offer, brand new on probation would have been a worse place to be than where I ended up.

But anyways, hearing the horror stories from the banking royal commission, I’m now glad I didn’t take that route. Would I have found myself in a team where “short cuts” were encouraged? I think I’d be good in a sales role nowadays, but not at any cost, not at doing customers over.

I mean, my industry doesn’t have the greatest rep, but people are always going to want to talk to each other. Or surf the internet. Call me a dippy hippy socialist, but communication should always trump money?

Bloody rampant latter day capitalism 😡

Royal commission

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