Stonehenge, not to scale

I’ve thought long and hard over the birthday week, and have come to the realisation that my life is currently damned near perfect.

The issues I do have are minor quibbles, of the first world middle class variety. Such as the existence of mornings, the nuclear codes in those tiny hands, and the queues at brand new ramen places.

Work is going well. The flatmate situation continues to stabilise, as we get used to each other over each extra week. I’m clear sighted and level headed about the goals I’m setting myself – nothing too ambitious, not too much on the plate.

I’m surrounded by a wide phalanx of close friends who love me, and an even wider orbit of contacts who appreciate my place in their lives. Even if they’re silent for years, and then drop back in unexpectedly.

As much as I appreciate all that’s going on, I know it’s not going to last forever. Nor is it fatalistic or a form of self sabotage to understand that.

You’ve currently got Peak Paul. Unbound even. I can still improve though. Up to eleven. It’s, like, one more than ten.

No, I’m not just going to make ten louder 😆

Stonehenge, not to scale

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