For those of you wondering how the birth family thing is going, I’ve decided to take it offline, as it were.

The probable sibling who got in touch is a very private person, and doesn’t want the entire story splashed across the planet. This, after I’ve decided I’m fully in and not going to be scared off by much of anything with this exploration.

As all of you know – all of you who haven’t muted me yet haha – splashing my life across the multiverse is my preferred way of doing things. But only about things to do with me. I’m good at keeping confidences. Well, since about the age of 25, we’re writing off turn of the century icq and chatrooms. Ugh. Dickhead Paul.

Of course, if I have a blinding omgwth moment in discussion, I may post something about it – as much as I wasn’t there physically, it’s a part of my life as well – but until or if then, Facebook silence.

I’ll probably chat about it in generalities to the absolute besties. In person though. Likely not by text. Cos I’m odd like that.


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