Sasha redux

When you accidentally send your mother the ticket info for the Sasha Velour tour (prices released today, for sale on Friday, I think). When you haven’t had the drag conversation with the parentals.

I’m utterly open with ninety percent of my life, apart from with family. Who are usually easy to divert from awkward topics, being four thousand kays away, and not on Facecrack.

Though the last time they were in Perth, I was on the “happy triangle polyamory” train, God knows what they think I’ve been up to since. Whatever is in their head is probably ten times worse than anything I’ve actually been up to. Well, maybe five times as bad. Or triple.

As I smirk about needle piercings and light bleeding. Maybe what I have been up to has been as insane as they think.

“Who’s Sasha, you ask? Oh, that’s Sasha del Rey, the singer.” πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Sasha redux

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