Winter project

You think I joke when I say I have a spreadsheet to prioritise my friends. No, it’s an actual real thing. Summer I’m too busy bouncing around with Christmas and Fringe and socialising, but winter I’m a bit quieter and need projects and distractions to lessen the troughs of the blue spells.

One point for a Facebook like. Five points for a text, a comment or a tag. Ten points for a physical meet, up to a group size of six. More than that and I go into “give everyone five minutes, tell the exact same story each time” peacock mode. Still good, but not as personalised lol.

Also, I never need to be texted back each and every message I send, but as long as you reply at least once every three months (Jan to Mar, Apr to Jun etc), I’ll keep your number.

Also chipping away at the contacts list. If you’re on my Christmas card list, if I have your number, if I’ve seen you during the Fringapocalypse, or if, you know, we actually are in some other form of contact, we’re solid.

Always over explaining.

Always odd.

But it really does help figuring out who puts the effort in, and whose besties lists I’m still on. If I didn’t organise my life to the nth degree such as above, everything I do would collapse in meh.

“Who will win Pauly Wants A Bestie, season 2018? Tune in over the following weeks to find out.” 😆

Winter project

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