Will it happen next year

“When are you going to be doing anything for Fringe?”

My favourite question the last month (sarcasm), if I had a dollar for each time it’s been asked this year, I would have about umm forty or fifty bucks.

I’m a great procrastinator. I’m afraid of success. My life is pretty darned great at the moment, why would I want to complicate it further. I’m worried about living without guardrails. I’ve seen the burnout some of my best friends endure doing their own creative things. Without any false modesty, I’m good at too many things to currently think to narrow it down to just one or two options.

The last time I got enthused, I got distracted by my USA trip. The time before that, in 2014 I think, I made a joke about doing something deliberately to crash and burn, like The Producers, to get sweet sweet artist pass and budgie access. That joke went down like a lead balloon with most of my artist friends, and I’m still a bit gunshy about the topic.

But, I’ll think about it for a month or so, and have some sort of plan for 2019. Brainstorming ahoy, with minimal distractions this year.

Even reviewing, perhaps? I write well, and I’m always super enthusiastic about, well, pretty much everything in my life.

Will it happen next year

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