Thunderbirds are Go

Ten nights to go. If we haven’t caught up yet, and you want to, my schedule is as follows –

Tonight – 7.40 Claire Hooper
Tomorrow – 9.30 Disco 100
Sun – 9.00 El Bizarro
Mon – 8.00 The Worst
Tue – 8.00 Fleabag
Wed – 10.00 Madonna Vogue Circus
Thu – 8.00 Five Lesbians Eating a Quiche
next Fri – 9.45 Pupperotica
next Sat – 11.45 Stick Em Up
Final Night – 6.45 Gillian Cosgriff

No, you don’t actually have to come to the shows, but if we’re beer garden people watching and chatting, also giving you these times to work around.

I think I’m pretty tapped out with seeing any more additional shows, but can always have my arm twisted with a good argument…

Thunderbirds are Go

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