I’ll take the blue pill

I’ve lost four kilos since Christmas, and two and a half kilos since Fringe started. The cider and satay stick diet lol.

I’ve somehow managed to get ahead and stay ahead in my debts, at this time of year when my outgoings are usually high.

Fringemas is always me at my best, my friends almost swarm to me because I seem so bright and shiny, and I’m too busy/tired putting together my plans to spare any time to self analyse or fret.

Also comp tix to Adelaide Fringe, and friends there keen for catch ups 😍

The flatmate situation seems to be resolving itself somewhat elegantly, that particular jigsaw puzzle falling into place perfectly.

Almost too perfectly. I’m waiting for the next challenge/meltdown to crop up, or to realise I’m in a Matrix like simulation.

Everything is coming up Pauly in the micro/local sense, while the wider world lurches to hell in a handbasket.

I’ll take the blue pill

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